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New CD from the Dylan Project

1 Don’t Think Twice, it’s All Right 4.59
2 Spanish Harlem Incident 3.11
3 To Ramona 5.06
4 Subterranean Homesick Blues 3.37
5 Positively 4th Street 4.43
6 Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues 5.23
7 Ballad of a Thin Man 6.33
8 Pledging my Time 3.15
9 You Go Your Way and I’ll Go Mine 3.55
10 To Be Alone With You 4.50
1 You Ain’t Going Nowhere 3.43
2 You’re a Big Girl Now 5.00
3 Senor 5.32
4 Man in the Long Black Coat 3.18
5 Handle With Care 3.08
6 Not Dark Yet 5.26
7 Cold Irons Bound 7.14
8 Mississippi 5.15
9 Make You Feel my Love 3.23
10 Rainy Day Women #12 + 35 5.27
(Bonus track recorded at Cropredy 2011)
Caught in the Convent

No one (but no one) does Dylan like the Dylan Project. The songs herein – recorded live (itself testimony to the outstanding musicianship of all involved) – are not covers: they are reinterpretations and in many cases total reinventions of both classics and rarities, crafted with love, respect and affection for the originals. The songs take us chronologically on a magic swirling timeship from one of Zimmy’s first hits, 1962’s Don’t Think Twice (a love song that most fans did not associated with ‘protest singer’ Bob when Peter Paul & Mary took it into the charts) to Make You Feel My Love (a love song that most fans didn’t associate with ‘sixties throwback’ Dylan when Adele took it into the charts).

“It used to go like that… now it goes like this” declared Dylan in 1966 as he introduced an electric version a thousand miles ahead of the released acoustic take. The Dylan Project add the ghost of electricity to startling effect to songs like Spanish Harlem Incident.

Steve Gibbons is the consummate singer of Dylan songs, inflectively acknowledging his source, copping vocal licks that span Bob’s eras and, indeed, voices, while never becoming pastiche or (even worse) parody. Delving into Dylan’s dustier discographics, the DPs illuminate neglected gems: listen afresh to Cold Irons Bound (swamp funk that’s both miasmic and mesmeric), the prowlingly ominous Man In The Long Black Coat, the rock mariachi Señor (I swear you can hear the moustaches) or the iridescent You’re A Big Girl Now.

The Dylan Project are clearly having a great time – just listen to the way they reintroduce Subterranean Homesick Blues to its title: you will too, each and every time this casts its dancing spell on your CD player.

- Nigel Schofield